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Let’s go big for our present and future by focusing on the 5Es: economy, education, environment, entry into the US, and ensuring life!

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I’m a proud supporter of our farmers, ranchers, and acequia holders.

Mosquero, NM in Harding County

Rights of New Mexicans

Where is your voice? I stand with my fellow New Mexicans to advocate for our rights. We need a place at the table. Right now we have a monopoly of ideas in northern NM pushing socialist agendas. There are many citizens whose voices are not being heard. I am running as a candidate for U.S. Congress to represent northern N.M. in District 3. My opponents are vying for your vote and most of them have similar ideals. Those ideas are dangerous: ending life in the womb after 20 weeks, chipping away at your 2nd amendment rights, and unnecessarily stifling job growth. I am here to bring the voice of a mother, a rancher, a former environmental consultant, an engineer, a native New Mexican to fight for your rights!

Stand with me, Alexis Johnson, as we, together, uphold the constitution of our great country. I need your support! Thank you.



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degree in engineering, former consultant, mother, Rancher, new mexican

I reside in Santa Fe, NM and my family frequents Las Vegas, NM. Our family has cattle in Harding County, NM. I was raised in Roswell, NM and graduated high school in Las Cruces, NM. Like so many NM families, I was reared by my grandparents. I went to college at Vanderbilt University and NM Tech. I graduated with an engineering degree in Socorro, NM at NM Tech and have been married to my spouse, after college, and we have four beautiful children. I was raised with faith, by a caring family, with our New Mexican traditions, and with the American values of hard work, grit, resilience, and love. Like many of you my family has risked their lives for the American Dream: my family is comprised of proud, patriotic military servicemembers. Many relatives are small business owners and life-long educators: a principal and teachers. I hold them in high-esteem and value their service. I have worked diligently in the environmental field to better our “Land of Enchantment” while keeping the business economy going for our hard working families. Like so many New Mexicans my grandparents strived to provide for my future working day in and day out to put food on the table in our loving home. They showed me what it meant to show up and do the right thing. I am here to show up for you! I am here to be your voice. I am a proud New Mexican.


My Story

I had twin babies born at the seventh month of life. Some of my opponents are being funded, from groups outside of NM, supporting ending an infant’s life in the womb after five months. My twins came into this world crying out to be heard. New Mexicans reject outside interests funneling money to candidates ending life when a baby can live. Right now, at this very second, someone can walk into a clinic in Albuquerque and end the life of a baby at 32 weeks. Think it’s only an emergency at that time? Nope. A life can be ended all the way to 32 weeks there, no reason needed. My twins were born at 30 weeks. Don’t believe me? Call one of the NM clinics for yourself. Let’s get the truth out there NM. Fight for that crying baby with me! Donate today so that I can give a voice to you and to the unborn!


I am here to be a voice to the New Mexicans who are not being represented. I am here to listen and see how we can work together for a better New Mexico for ourselves and our children.



My main areas of focus are the 5Es:

the economy, education, the environment, entry into US, and ensuring life.


We have a strong energy economy which can provide employment for a higher quality of life for New Mexicans today and our children for tomorrow. Let’s show NM is a favorable place to do business.


Let’s work with our teachers so that they can teach and not be bogged down by excessive requirements. Let’s get our youth trained to be teachers that we so desperately need.


The land that you and I were born in, raised on, or have come from another place to make our home: let’s take a personal responsibility to enhance our environment. Let’s work together for our land and our prosperity!

Entry into the US

We need to secure our borders! With the opiate crisis taking hold into so many areas, worldwide and at home in our district, we need to prevent illegal drugs from entering our borders. We need to know who and how many people are coming into our country to plan for the betterment of our citizens and asylum seekers. Stop providing a system which is causing people to be taken advantage of across the board. The current system is hurting all parties.

Ensuring Life

Let’s work together to ensure the life of a baby in the womb, protect your life with the right to bear arms, and stop the addictions which end lives. Let’s ask what we can do today to help and not what others can do for us! Vote Alexis Johnson for Congress!


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